This week I would like to introduce you all to my puppy, Bailey! Perhaps puppy isn’t the right term, given that he is turning 8 this coming week (or 56 in dog years).

This little pooch of mine has brought so much happiness and joy to my family since the day we brought him home.  There really is nothing quite like the love of a dog.  So Bailey, to celebrate your 8th Birthday, here is a little tribute to you.

  • This little munchkin of mine is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a Poodle, otherwise known as a Cavoodle.  This breed is great if you are somewhat allergic to animal hair (like I am).
  • He is known as Bailey, Bailey Boy, Bazzarooni and Bazza.  Leonardo is his middle name…yes my dog has a middle name, and when he is up to mischief we call him Leo.
  • I named him Bailey because I liked the name, but also because he kind of is the same colour as the drink Baileys (which I was quite fond of at the time).
  • When he was about 2 years old, he had a play date with a border collie puppy.  At the time he was in need of a groom, and he was very very fluffy.  I’m pretty certain the border collie thought he was a sheep.  Bailey did not overly enjoy being herded up.
  • Bailey is an anxious puppy…yep, I’ve been told that my anxious nature has cause my puppy to be anxious…god help any children I have.
  • He loves to eat toilet paper, straight off the roll.  We have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times otherwise he will have a feast…he is an odd one.
  • Bailey’s job is to guard the house.  His favourite guard post is either a bed or a lounge chair, basically anywhere soft he can park his fluffy butt…because guard duty is tough work.
  • He has mastered sit, stay, drop, high five, shake, kiss and spin.
  • Bailey currently lives with my parents, but he gets visits from me a few times a week.  Next year when I’m living in a house and not an apartment he will be coming over for weekend visits 😄.  I think it would be unfair for me to take him away from my parents as they love him so much and he loves them.
  • He loves to smell flowers (and is super delicate around them)
  • As a puppy we were concerned that he might have been deaf as he wasn’t responding to loud sounds.  When we took him to puppy preschool we shared our concerns with one of the vet nurses…turns out he is just defiant (how true this turned out to be).
  • Bailey is not very well behaved on a leash.  He likes to bark at all the other dogs and creatures he passes.  However, if we take him to an off leash park, he is well behaved.
  • The first night he joined our family he went to bed, like a good little boy, in his crate which was in my room.  All was good, all was peaceful….that is until my dad came home from work and wanted to meet his grandson.  Well, there was no getting Bailey back into his crate after that, he just cried and cried.  I tried putting him into the bathroom where our previous dog had slept.  He didn’t like that situation much, lets just say that the bathroom door would have had a hole scratched through it by the morning had I left him in there.  Next I put him back into my room, in a nice big (open top) box that I had on hand for such a situation….that box was torn apart within 30 minutes.  I realised that if I was to get any sleep that night I would have to let him roam my room…but my room wasn’t entirely puppy proof.  So in the middle of the night I was removing everything from my room that he could easily destroy with his little puppy teeth.  Eventually we both were able to sleep…wow, he really is spoilt.
  • Being a Cavoodle, means he needs to be groomed.  We used to take him to the groomers, however my dad decided he would be able to do it much cheaper.  Lets just say that the first few attempts resulted in Bailey looking more like he had had an encounter with a lawn mower than a groomer.  Dad has gotten much better at giving Bailey haircuts now….thankfully.
  • As a puppy, Bailey was so small and quiet that he would often get stepped on (because puppies love to be around your feet).  I ended up putting a cat bell on his collar so I could hear when he was around.
  • Bailey is a spoilt little boy, I know. He really is treated more like a member of the family then the family pet.

Mum…what have you got in your hand??

OMG! what is this mum! it’s so colourful!

Can I eat it???

No…I don’t think it is for eating

This stuff is awesome!!!!

Mum….we made a pretty big mess here.

Please note that Bailey was not harmed in the making of these photos, the confetti is paper based so even if he did eat some it wouldn’t hurt him.