This year I’m going to do a Confetti Photoshoot…because why not! Actually I’m not the type of person who typically likes posing for a photo, let alone get a professional photoshoot. However I’m celebrating turning 30 this year, and I thought this would be a fitting way to commemorate the occasion. Plus I think 80 year old me will giggle and smile when she looks back on these photos.

I’ve been trawling Pinterest (as you do) for inspiration for this confetti photoshoot. My idea at the moment involves getting some photos done with confetti, some with glitter and maybe some done with coloured powder. Basically I want to make a big colourful mess. And yep I’ll be dragging Alex into this explosion of colour with me so that we can get some couples shots.

Oh and did I mention, the name of the photography company I’ll be using is *drumroll please* Confetti Love Photography ❤️

Obviously I’m going to need a decent amount of confetti to do this shoot. Currently the plan is to buy this colourful tissue paper ream and turn it into piles and piles of glorious confetti (with help from Alex, his sister, and anyone else who wants to help…any takers??).

I’m really looking forward to doing this little shoot, I feel like it will be a fun and memorable day. I’ll be sure to post about it 😉 who knows maybe I might even do a little vlog about it… we will see.

How else should I celebrate turning 30 this year? I won’t lie, turning 30 is something that up until now I’ve been quite apprehensive about. But the the closer I get to it, the more I realise that I’m about to embark on a new and exciting/colourful chapter of my life.

For now I’m going to leave you all with this Pinterest board I’ve been saving all my confetti photoshoot inspiration to. Enjoy xxx