Valentines day is just around the corner which means it is the perfect time for me to tell a little love story, which also happens to be the story of how confetti became part of my life (in a round about way).

It was early 2015, and one of my work colleagues asked me to go with her to the the local startup meetup (I work for a tech startup so this type of meetup was right up my alley). I had nothing else to do after work so I decided, what the heck, I’d join her. Little did I know that I would meet Alex, the man I would come to love, that night. I remember meeting him so vividly, shaking his hand as I was introduced to a group of people. As I stood there I couldn’t stop thinking how nice he was and how gorgeous his smile was. Surely a man like him would have a girlfriend…if not a wife, and with that assumption I promptly put him to the back of my mind.

Our paths continued to cross as the year unravelled. Eventually I added him as a friend on Facebook (because you know, that is how we roll in the 21st century) and we started chatting (quite often). It was the sweetest courtship. We took our time getting to know each, telling stories about our past and what we wanted to do in the future. We eventually started dating…but wait for it…we started dating 1 week before I was due to move to Sydney to work for 3 months!!!! 🙁 Talk about bad timing. It was a tough 3 months, part of me was super excited to experience living in a big city, but a bigger part of me wanted to be back at home, with Alex.

So how exactly does confetti come into this love story? Don’t worry, I am getting to that part, I promise.

After being in Sydney for a few weeks I wanted to send Alex a letter, like a real one … so I found a print of a unicorn at one of the local markets and I penned a letter to him on the back of it. Now might be a good time to mention that Alex’s pet name for me is Unicorn, and he is my Pengi. The thought crossed my mind that I should fill the letter with glitter, that would be the unicorn thing to do right?

Thankfully I came to my senses and realised that glitter was probably not ideal. Though I really wanted to do something unique and special with this letter, something that would hopefully make Alex smile. Finally I decided to fill the letter with confetti. You would think that finding confetti in a city like Sydney would have been easy…maybe it is, if you know know where to to look (I clearly didn’t). I ended up buying a confetti popper from a dollar store that I had to carefully pry open so I could get to the confetti.

I posted the letter with a little bit of uncertainty…maybe he would hate being confetti bombed? Thankfully he loved the surprise (so much so that he didn’t want to clean up the confetti that had exploded over his living room floor).

The cutest thing was that on the day he received my letter, I received a parcel at work from him. I had sent him a unicorn and he had sent me a little stuffed Penguin. Gosh I’m making myself sick just thinking about how cute it all was 😛

Ever since then, every gift I have given Alex has contained a bit of confetti. I have also started stuffing confetti into gifts for family and friends as well. And that is the story of how confetti and more importantly, Alex, became part of my life 😀

Image Credits, Unicorn Designed by Freepik and Penguin Designed by Freepik