It is a sad fact of life, but sometimes, people are not going to be happy with the mess associated with confetti. Let alone the aftermath from a present packed to the brim with confetti. In these situations, we may have to get a bit creative in how we incorporate the fun and colour of confetti without actually using it.

This week I’m going to show you two cute ways to give a gift the confetti treatment…without the mess.

Confetti Tissue/Wrapping Paper

This one is really easy. Simply find some tissue or wrapping paper that is covered in polka dots (the more colourful the better). I found this amazing holographic polka dot tissue paper at spotlight recently which looks absolutely divine (I can’t find a link to the product but it is part of the Krystal Foil line).
Confetti Tissue Paper

Confetti Pom Poms

I’ve seen this on Pinterest and just had to try it myself. It involves a bit more work, but the results are truly worth it. You will need solid colour wrapping paper, clear drying glue, and a whole heap of coloured pom poms. Once the present is wrapped up (making sure you use a few layers of wrapping paper to prevent the glue seeping through), take the pom poms and go crazy sticking them all over the gift. It is a soft, fluffy, and colourful confetti alternative for the visual and touch based senses 🙂
Confetti Pom Poms

Bonus: Keep Confetti Contained

Here is a good tip if you really want to include confetti in a gift; but are wanting to minimise the spread of confetti. Make sure the confetti is contained within some type of box. For instance, place the gift inside a shoe box (preferably a clean smelling one) and sprinkle your confetti in. Make sure the gift can be easily retrieved without confetti spilling everywhere. With this approach, you can still surprise the recipient with the colourful joy of confetti without actually spreading it everywhere 😉

Confetti Gift Wrapping