What is a surprise party, without some confetti balloons? In fact, all surprises should call for confetti filled balloons. Scratch that, all occasions should required them. Ok, so perhaps I’ve got a thing for confetti balloons at the moment…but hey is that such a bad thing?

Balloons like confetti have a remarkable ability to instantly bring happiness and joy, so technically, confetti filled balloons should bring double that happiness right?

This weekend I got to be part of a surprise birthday party for a lovely young woman who is currently very busy with Uni work. Her friends decided that she needed a little break to properly celebrate her birthday (what awesome friends!). Being the “confetti expert”, I was asked to bring some of the colourful stuff with me.

Not wanting to make a mess in a public space, I decided to make some confetti filled balloons. I have made confetti balloons in the past, but I have never filled them up with helium…and we all know helium balloons are the best. So en route to the surprise party we swung by Spotlight (with my trusty Kmart confetti and a kitchen funnel in hand) and got some some clear balloons filled with confetti and helium….and now I’m in love with confetti balloons 🎈

Seriously, I am tempted to buy my own helium tank just so I can make confetti balloons whenever I want (I wonder what else I could fill balloons with? glitter perhaps …insert evil laugh here) I could be that person who rocks up to every event (whether it be a birthday celebration, or coffee with friends) with a bouquet of confetti balloons…people would love that right? I would love it…so I am assuming that others would as well. Who wouldn’t want a bubble of confetti to carry around with them all day ? 😄