The weather is deceivingly calm today, given that Cyclone Debbie is making a beeline for my neck of the woods. First up, my apologies, this weeks post is a rather rushed one, that has nothing to do with confetti (well I’m sure I can make some sort of confetti reference…we will see how I go).

Typically, I devote my weekends to preparing and writing the upcoming post…this weekend however, I’ve been cyclone prepping (I’m sure you’ll all let me off the hook). Cyclone Debbie is on track to cross the North Queensland coast sometime Monday night / Tuesday morning. Which means that everyone is busy stripping the shop shelves of tinned food and water and securing their homes. This cyclone looks to be a pretty big system, thankfully at this point in time (a lot can still change in the next 24 hours) my home town looks to narrowly miss the eye of the cyclone…though I expect we will still experience some wild weather.

Cyclone Debbie

As much as I don’t like cyclones (given they can be extremely destructive) they do contain one good thing. Rain! typically a decent amount of rain. Given that our dam is (seemingly always) low, locals are always happy when rain is on it’s way. So fingers crossed that this cyclone isn’t destructive but delivers a dam filling amount of rain to our region.

On the bright side…nothing like cyclonic winds to spread confetti far and wide…(even I’m cringing at that)

Stay safe everyone one!

I wasn’t kidding about the shelfs being bare.

Cyclone Debbie