I’m 30! I’ve officially said goodbye to my 20s and am now ready to embrace the next chapter of my life. Like most people, my 20s were bit of a rollercoaster of self discovery. This week I spent some time thinking about the things that make me me (regardless of how small or big they are). I’ve grabbed 30 of them to share with you all!

  1. My name is Joanne, however, most people call me Jo or Jojo 😀
  2. I am a dog person.  If I walk into a room and there is a dog, I am more likely going to acknowledge that dog before I acknowledge you.  I’ve had 3 dogs bring smiles and love to my life so far, a German Shepard that I used to call Donald Duck when I was little.  A super placid Cavalier King Charles Spaniel during my schooling years, and my super excitable Cavoodle (Cavalier x Poodle) now.
  3. I am an only child.  Apparently that means I have issues sharing. I guess I do hate having to share the blanket with my partner 😛
  4. I have lived in the same place my entire life….with the exception of a 3 month stint where I lived in Sydney.   I always thought I would love living in a big city.  Turns out I don’t.
  5. I have got very curly, frizzy hair, which I love, though I haven’t always.  I do still take the easy option at times and straighten it.
  6. I like to wear gold jewellery.  I do not like having to mix gold and silver jewellery.
  7. I am a worrier! I stress about things that I probably do not need to stress about.
  8. I have got really strong, fast growing and nicely shaped nails.
  9. I have got a few OCD tendencies that flair up when I’m stressed or anxious.  My partner reckons that he will never have to worry about leaving the house with the iron left on, or the front door unlocked as I obsessively check these types of things.
  10. At my core, I am a perfectionist, however I’m constantly reminding myself that (most of the time) done is better than perfect.
  11. I play songs I love over and over again until I hate them.
  12. For the most part, I can’t stand re-reading/re-watching books and movies.
  13. I don’t like going to the movie cinema.  I am a fidgeter and I can’t sit in those seats comfortably for the length of a movie.
  14. However I do love stage shows and musicals.  My favourite musical is currently Wicked!
  15. I find great comfort in my angel cards and I will do a reading for myself at least once a week.
  16. During my childhood for roughly 9 years, I was an ice skater and I had dreams of joining disney on ice.
  17. I am injury prone, this is the reason I ended up having to stop ice skating.
  18. I can’t listen to music without making up a skating program to it in my head.
  19. I have been overseas once.  It was an epic 5.5 week adventure with my mum where we explored Britain, Ireland, Paris, Venice, the Greek Isles, Florence, Rome and Dubai.
  20. I have got no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup.  As a result I typically stick to using only foundation and blush.
  21. I have been working as a  website designer / developer for 10 years now!
  22. I work for a local tech startup.  I started with the company in 2013, since that time I have seen the company open offices in Sydney, Kansas City, San Fransisco and Manchester and grow from about 15 staff to over 100.
  23. I like creating and making things
  24. I love red wine and chocolate!
  25. I’m a red head!
  26. I have never seen real snow
  27. My sense of smell is that thing that I connect memories to the most.
  28. I am teaching myself how to play the guitalele (the instrument you would get if you crossed a guitar and a ukulele).
  29. I love the UK, and would like to to spend 12 months living there.
  30. I’m obsessed with Confetti 😄